Standards and compatibility

All the web pages comply with the XHTML 1.0 recommendations of the W3C or HTML 4.01 as the case may be. In all cases, semantic and structured marking criteria have been used to separate the structure from the content presentation.

The presentation of the contents of the web pages have been developed in compliance with the CSS 2 recommendations of the W3C.

These standards guarantee access to information on the web through any device that follows the standards and recommendations of the W3C.

Control over text size

In order to make it easier for people with low visibility to read the contents of the website, the iDISC website is prepared so that users can adjust the text to the extent that it is more comfortable for them to read.

It depends on the browser that they use, the procedure to do so may vary:

Mozilla Firefox

Increase text size:

  • Via Menu: View > Text size > Increase
  • Via keyboard: [ctrl] [ctrl]

Decrease the size of the text:

  • Through the menu: View > Text size > Decrease
  • Via keyboard: [ctrl] [ctrl] -

Return to normal measurement:

  • Via menu: View > Text size > Reset
  • Via keyboard: [ctrl] 0

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Through the menu:

  • View > Text Size > Largest
  • View > Text Size > Larger
  • View > Text Size > Median
  • View > Text Size > Smaller
  • View > Text Size > Smallest

Via keyboard and mouse:

Increase text size:

  • [ctrl] [ctrl] ‹rolling the mouse wheel down›

Decrease the size of the text:

  • [ctrl] [ctrl] ‹rolling mouse wheel up›

If any problem arises in accessing content or you want to communicate any suggestion, you can send it to us through the email address:


One of the active accessibility options are the hotkeys or acceskey. The most widespread fast access keys have been taken as references:

  • Key 0: Accessibility page
  • Key 1: Home page
  • Key 3: Site map page
  • Key 9: Contact

To use the accesskeys depends on the browser or user agent. The most common use the following key combinations:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT number ENTER
  • Firefox: UPPERCASE ALT number
  • Netscape: ALT number
  • Mozilla: ALT number
  • Opera: UPPERCASE ESC number